Looking enables one to see.

Maggie Moy is a site based artist where she responds to the things she finds and observes in nature at a specific location on the banks of the River Torrens in Adelaide. Daily she visits her chosen site and adopting a psuedo archaeological type practice she records, photographs, collects and sorts the many overlooked fragments of nature and human debris. Moy is interested in the temporal, ephemeral and transient qualities of the small everyday things found, that are often overlooked, unseen or unheard.

A birdsong, a leaf or a single feather are fascinating in their most simplest forms and she seeks to highlight and bring awareness to these items of detritus that break down or decay over time. Using a multi disciplinary practice of painting, ceramics, stitch and bricolage, Moy's work reflects on the local happenings of the site and the overlapping influences of history, connection to place and the aesthetics of the everyday.

She seeks to show that enchantment is all around us.


Everyday, everyday, 2013, water colour on marine plywood, suite of forty five drawings